Cloud Based Loyalty App that Increase Your Business Revenue and Cashflow Too !

Go Cardless

Pay As You Go

No Upfront Contracts Or Fees

Real-time Transactions Tracking

Work On Any Tablet

Why Use Sosyok?

Whether your business is a restaurant, cafe, laundry, bar, salon or etc, Sosyok can help you to generate more cashflow for your business and also attract and retain more customers :)

Loyalty programs have been around for decades offer by various type of businesses. However, businesses often face challenges of designing, printing and stock keeping these loyalty cards. In addition, customers also find it really hard to handle loyalty cards as they need to carry cards for each merchant and most people have more than 2 or even more than 10 loyalty cards with them.

No more handling or carrying loyalty cards around when merchant use Sosyok customer loyalty services. All customer need is a phone number to have any number of loyalty programs from any number of merchant.

How Sosyok works?

For merchant
  • Signup an account with Sosyok
  • Setup campaign
  • Buy credit
  • Start signing up customers
  • Looking forward to increasing revenue and cashflow

For customer
  • Signup a campaign with merchant using your phone number
  • Receive a confirmation SMS
  • Start spending with merchant and you will receive an SMS everytime you spend
  • Check your account balance on each merchant


Signup with Sosyok is FREE. We only charge merchant 1% of the price of a campaign that their customer bought. For example, if a campaign price is $100, then we only charge $1. In addition, after your customer made a purchase from you, an SMS will send to your customer. Each SMS sent to customer will be billed as follows:

CountryEach SMS Cost

The maximum character per SMS is stated as follow. If you message exceed the maximum number of characters per SMS, it will split into 2 SMS and you will be billed for 2 SMS. For example, if you sent an SMS to your customer with 200 characters, then you will be billed 2 SMS.

Character TypeMax. Character/SmsMax. Character/Sms When Split into 2 or more Sms
Latin-1/9 and GSM8160153
8-bit encoding like alphanumeric140134
Unicode like Chinese, Japanese and etc7067